Interaction with the System


What Internet Browsers are supported by Camp Reservations Canada?

We support Google Chrome.  It is with this browser that our web developers test upgrades and check for functionality before release.  This means that if you encounter a problem with our website while using an alternative browser, we will ask that you use Google Chrome, ensuring it is the most up to date version.  If you do encounter a problem with our web site on a supported browser, we kindly ask you to notify us by sending an email to


Why aren’t all Internet Browsers supported?

Camp Reservations Canada is constantly upgrading our client interface, and if we supported all the Internet browsers available in the marketplace, the cost of testing would increase substantially, and these costs would have to be passed onto the client, which is you.  To keep costs to a minimum, we currently only support Google Chrome.


​Can I access Camp Reservations Canada on my mobile device and reserve a campsite?

While our system is “mobile friendly”, we do recommend that you use a laptop, desktop, tablet, or iPad whenever possible to make a reservation to experience the full functionality of our system.



Getting Help


Text Messaging Support


Clicking on the “Text” icon at the bottom right hand side of any screen will initiate a text messaging system which will allow you to interact with a Camp Reservations Canada representative.  This is the quickest way to reach help from 8AM - 8PM MST.


Email Support

Use to request information on the usage of the system.

Use to communicate required changes to your reservations.


Why is there no telephone number to call?

If you require assistance and would like to speak to someone on the phone, please start a “Text” message stating that you would like to speak to someone and one of our administrative staff will telephone you as soon as possible.



Creating & Using Your Traveler Account


Can I set up multiple Traveler Accounts registered to my name?  

No, as per the Terms & Conditions.


Why do I need a “Traveler” account? 

A traveler profile is a prerequisite to booking a campsite.  This allows the sending of a receipt for your booking as well as a means of contacting you in the case of an unforeseen problem with your reservation.  Your Traveler account also provides a convenient way of viewing all your reservations at all of the campgrounds serviced by Camp Reservations Canada in addition to inputting “reviews” of the campgrounds you visit.

  • n.b.:  Correct information is required as stated in the Term and Conditions and violation can result in the cancellation of your reservations without any reimbursement of any fees paid.  


How do I create a Traveler Account?

Please watch this short video.


What if I don’t get an email to activate my Traveler Account?

Activation emails sometimes take 5 minutes before being delivered to your mailbox.  If you have not received your activation email within 5 minutes, please check your “junk” and “spam” box.


Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


How do I recover my password?

Your password can be reset at the Traveler login page by clicking the Forgot Password link.



Making an Online Reservation


How to make an online booking/payment?

Please watch this short video.


Is it safe for me to make a payment online?

Yes, our website is secured with the latest technology by Stripe, who has processed billions of online transactions.


I received an error message while trying to make a credit card payment for my reservations.  What should I do?

Although it is rare, problems can occur during a credit card transaction.  If there was an error, please attempt the reservation again.  Check in your Traveler Portal to be sure that you were not charged twice.  You will also have to verify with your credit card provider.  For any issues with the reservation and associated credit card charges, please send an email to

How will I know that my booking is confirmed, and payment received?

You will receive two (2) emails within five (5) minutes.  The first one will be from our credit card processing company, Stripe, which will note the exact amount of the transaction that was successfully processed. The second email will come from and will specify the campground/camppsite reserved, the arrival date, departure date, and the breakdown of the charges made to your credit card. If these emails do not arrive within this timeframe, please check your “junk” and “spam” folder. If both emails do not arrive, that means your reservation attempt was not successful. Please attempt it again before sending an email to  



Reservation Changes and Cancellations


How do I cancel my campsite booking?

Please note that you will NOT be able to cancel your reservation by using the web site. If you wish to cancel your reservation made on our website and receive a refund, please email us at and we will process your request within 24 hours.  We require a notice of a minimum of 3 business days (with Noon being the starting time) in order for you to qualify for a refund.  All cancellations will be subject to a 3% transaction charge plus a $5 service fee.  There will no exceptions, regardless of the circumstances, so please see the examples below.


  • Example 1:  You have a reservation for a long weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights).  On Tuesday, you have a family emergency and you know that you will not be able to go camping that weekend.  If you send an email to before Tuesday at noon, you will qualify for a refund.  This allows 3 complete business days before the Noon check in time at the campground on Friday.  If you email at any time after 12 noon on the Tuesday, you will not receive any refund.  No exceptions.
  • Example 2:  You have a reservation that starts next Tuesday.  On Thursday you decide that you have to cancel your reservation.  If you send an email to before Thursday at noon, you will qualify for a refund.  This allows for 3 business days notice (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) before the noon check in on Tuesday.  If you call at any time after 12 noon on the Thursday, you will not receive any refund.  No exceptions.



How do I change my campsite booking?

If you wish to:

  • change campsites, but stay for the same dates, or
  • change the dates of the stay, but for the same number of days,

it is highly recommended that you make another booking with our online system, then email to cancel the reservation that you do not want to keep and we will refund all of your credit card charges associated with the cancelled reservation.


How do I add days to my campsite booking?

If you wish to:

  • add days to my stay

You will have to make another reservation on our system.  


How do I reduce the length of my stay?

Please email, and we will process your refund within 15 business days.


Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


I received a confirmation email, but my booking isn’t showing up on my Traveler account?

If you’re having an issue with your reservations and/or your traveler account, please contact us at and we resolve the issue.





I have a complaint about the campground/campsite.  Who should I contact?

You will need to directly contact the campground manager, whose details are on the web page.


I have a complaint about this website.  Who should I contact?

Please contact us at and we will investigate the issue.

I need additional information.

Please send an email to and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.